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KiteFoil or kiteboarding with hydrofoil is a kind of kitesurfing with attached foil to the board. For kitefoiling, special dedicated boards with foil anchor boards are used. Kitefoil boards are expensive and not the most important because they fly high above the water. With help comes the foil2board company that produces the brilliant solution to this problem:

Foil assembly plate

The foil mounting plate for almost every board is a versatile arrangement for directional flat boards. Suitable for almost any foil companies like Cabrinha or Liquid Force. Thanks to the assembly board foil 2 board you save not only money but also place in the quiver. You convert your favourite wave board or kiterace into kitefoil board and after a few moments you restore it to its previous state and destination.

universal hydrofoil mounting

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Hydrofoil boarding & Foilboarding

Hydrofoil boarding & Foilboarding  HydrofoilHydrofoil is a foil, that operates in water. Hydrofoil are similar in appearance to aerofoils used in aeroplanes. As a hydrofoil craft gains speed, the hydrofoils lift the board's hull out of the water, decreasing drag and allowing greater speed. Boards that use hydrofoil technology are also simply named foilboards.

FoilBoarding Surfing board with hydrofoil mounted to special foil rails.

Hydrofoil mounting system

System montażu foila Uniwersalny system montażu foila do prawie każdej deski kite lub windsurfing. Uniwersalny system montażu foil'a foil2board do prawie każdej deski kite lub wind to paleta wykonana ze specjalnego tworzywa sztucznego. Aby przymocować paleta do deski foil2board, należy wkleić w nią specjalne tuleje montażowe

Dzięki temu paletę montażową foil'a do każdej deski można w każdej chwili odkręcić pozostawiając dno deski czyste i nie powodujące dodatkowych oporów. Łatwy montaż i demontaż dzięki tylko 4 śrubom montażowym. Zamontowanie hydrofoil'a do deski nigdy nie było tak proste. Nie musisz już wydawać kilku tysięcy na kolejną dedykowaną deskę do kitefoil